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Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Into the aging body of reference literature on ancient Who's Who in the Greek World 1st Edition, Kindle Edition. by.
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List of Rulers of the Ancient Greek World

Perhaps the most famous myth involving Atlas, though, is his role in one of the celebrated twelve labours of Hercules. Perhaps understandably, when returning with the golden apples, Atlas was reluctant to reassume the burden of carrying the world. However, the wily Hercules tricked the god into swapping places temporarily while the hero got himself some cushions to more easily bear the tremendous weight.

Perhaps the most outstanding example of this pose is the 2nd-century CE sculpture now in the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

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Remove Ads Advertisement. The Titan Atlas held up the heavens, a punishment from Zeus for warring with the Olympian gods. Bibliography Carabatea M. Greek Mythology.

Ancient Greek civilization

Pergamos, Peania, Hesiod. Loeb Classical Library, Hope Moncrieff A. Classical Mythology. Senate, London, Simon Hornblower. Mediterranean region History To Middle East Biography Dictionaries. Language English.

On a Side Note - Mercenaries in the Greek World

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Who's Who in the Greek World

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