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Apr 15, In this paper, the design process of reconfigurable antennas is discussed. Reconfigurable antennas are proposed to cover different wireless.
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A Circular Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna Based on Off‐Center‐Driven Dipoles

Reconfigurable antennas can be grouped into four categories: frequency reconfigurable antennas, pattern reconfigurable antennas, polarization reconfigurable antennas and compound reconfigurable antennas. Moreover, the applications of RF MEMS switches in the related four kinds of reconfigurable antennas are introduced, respectively. Results: At last, the current and future developments of patents and academic papers in reconfigurable antennas are discussed.

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Abstract: Background: Generally, the functionality of reconfigurable antennas is achieved by changing the topological structure controlled by RF switches. Volume 9 , Issue 3 , Journal Home.

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Citation and Abstract. This antenna provides a simple solution to cross-layer PIN diode circuit designs.

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A mirrored structure study provides an understanding of performance control for different switching states. A printed inverted-F antenna is presented for monopole reconfigurable antenna design.

The proposed low-profile antenna consists of one main radiator and one parasitic element. By shorting the parasitic element to the ground plane using only one PIN diode, the antenna is capable of switching both the pattern and polarisation across the full bandwidth.

Reconfigurable Antennas Based on RF MEMS Switches

The switched orthogonal pattern provides the maximum spatial pattern diversity and is realised using a simple structure. Then, a dual-stub coplanar Vivaldi antenna with a parasitic element is presented for the 5G mm-Wave band.

Reconfigurable Antennas

The use of a dual-stub coupled between the parasitic element and two tapered slots is researched. The parasitic element shape and size is optimised to increase the realised gain. A bandpass coupled line filter is used for frequency selective features. The use of slits on the outer edge of the ground plane provides a greater maximum gain.

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This integrated filtenna offers lower insertion loss than the commercial DC blocks. The UWB antenna with an integrated filter can be used for harmonic suppression. The influence of the integrated filter circuit close to the antenna geometry informs the design of PIN diode circuit switching and power supply in the 5G band.

Based on the filter design in the mm-Wave band, a method of designing a feasible DC power supply for the PIN diode in the mm-Wave band is studied.

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The antenna realises a maximum diversity in one plane. The study offers the possibility to use PIN diodes in the mm-Wave band for reconfigurable antenna designs. Yang, K. Doctoral Thesis, DIT, Electrical and Electronics Commons.