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kettburtteto.tk: ACT! Fast & Easy, 2nd Edition (Fast & Easy (Premier Press)): Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.
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There are useful tips and handy hints on how to answer the binary question posed. Importantly, the book tells the reader what ultrasound can and cannot tell you in each scenario, and goes onto say what to do next. The book has well-structured headings enabling easy reference. It has a friendly style and is not in the least intimidating. I would encourage radiologists to make sure that those using ultrasound in this way are taught appropriate skills and know their limitations.

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This book is a good place for them to start. I like the final quote given, "a fool with a stethoscope will still be a fool with an ultrasound". I strongly urge each practitioner to buy a copy. This is a very succinct, well-illustrated book, which is sharply clinically focused, and would be of considerable use to those who work in the emergency department and have an interest in adding diagnostic ultrasound to their clinical skills.

This text provides an excellent introduction to most of the emergency applications for bedside ultrasound.

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It provides a practical, focused look at the role of bedside ultrasound for non-radiologists. In spite of the disappearance of white coats from British hospital wards, there remains a role for the pocket-sized book. This one achieves what the title claims. Having assumed that the reader has no practical experience of ultrasound scanning, it provides a concise and clear approach to emergency ultrasonography for the non-radiologist.

The authors stress its roles and limitations, principally by stating in a didactic manner the questions it can or cannot answer.


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Notion home monitoring (2nd Edition) review: Modest upgrades advance a winning formula

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For an in-text citation that has multiple authors, list the first author, and then abbreviate subsequent authors using et al. Statistical methods for hospital monitoring with R. Mims' medical microbiology. Philadelphia PA : Mosby Elsevier; Whether you are paraphrasing or using a direct quote, in-text citations do not include the edition number of a book. Include the edition number followed by the abbreviation "ed. Usually, part of a chapter in an edited book is cited in-text unless you refer to an edited book as a whole.

Firstly, here is how an edited book is cited in-text and then in the reference list. Cite as you would for a book with an author or authors. If the book has multiple editors, list the first editor and then abbreviate subsequent editors using et al. Changes to the nature of healthcare as they relate to inclusive practice are outlined by Davis et al.

Inclusive practice for health professionals. In the example below, Williams wrote a particular chapter in an edited book and some information in it has been paraphrased. The Reference List entry, given the number 6 , shows the author's name and chapter title, followed by details of the book in which that chapter is found. According to Williams 6 , National Health Surveys are valuable sources of information on the state of health and well-being of Australians. Williams G.

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